Somalia: Is Runaway inflation a problem in Puntland?


Last night ( 5 May 2010 )Eastern Television Network (ETN) broadcast a programme (Women’s Issues@ n the role of women in Puntland.

The programme gave viewers an insight into industriousness of Somali women and their role as bread-winners for families. All business women interviewed by ETN correspondent complained about run-away inflation. Increase in exchange rate, and sometimes sudden exchange rate falls affect the businesses of women who borrow from wholesalers in Bosaso. Other problems business women face is decreased purchasing power among Bosaso people.

One woman said she wished the Puntland government to address the inflation. What has Puntland government done about inflation? Several months after President Abdirahman Farole assumed Puntland presidential responsibility, his administration had set up Puntland Agency for Social Welfare ( Paswe ) with a mission to “ to improve the lives and uplift the dignity of the vulnerable groups in Puntland, such as orphans, street children, disabled people, and the mentally challenged groups.” Severe economic conditions make more people vulnerable to mental health problems and cause youngsters to resort to theft and other crimes such as robbery.

Puntland administration has passed the stage it could claim to be dealing with the legacy of the administration president Farole succeeded. It is now time to judge Farole administration on the basis of accomplishments rather than intentions.

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