Somalia: UN Special Representative undermines TFG charter

The UN Special Representative for Somalia, Ahmedou Ould  Abdalla supported the Somali president’s  decision to  dissolve the Transitional Federal Government of Somalia  led by Omar Abidrashid Ali Sharmarke.  In a statement Ahmedou Ould Abdalla said: “The President, in the face of a long and unnecessary crisis diverting resources, energy and attention, has taken an appropriate and courageous initiative to resolve the predicament. I would like to take the opportunity to encourage him in his show of leadership and invite all members of the Somali Parliament and former Cabinet to support him. This is an opportunity to appoint a more effective.”

The Somali prime minister, Omar Abidrashid Ali Sharmarke held a press conference in Mogadishu today and challenged president Sharif’s decision to dissolve the government. “The Transitional Charter states that a government will be dissolved if it loses the parliament’s vote of confidence.”


Article 44, point 2 of the transitional federal charter states: “Madaxweynuhu wuxuu magacaabayaa xilkana ka qaadayaa Wasiirka Koowaad ama kala diraa xukuumadda haddii ay waydo codka kalsoonidda Golaha Shacabka” (The president can appoint the prime minister  or dissolve the government if it loses the parliament’s vote of confidence.” Obviously,   president Sharif has violated  article 44 of  Somalia’s Transitional Charter. Article 43, point 2 of the charter states: “ Madaxweynaha waxaa la eedeyn karaa haddii uu ku xad-gudbo Axdiga iyado eedeytaas loo gudbinayo Golaha Shacbiga.” “The president can be indicted if he/she violates the charter. The matter should be referred to the parliament.”

If the transitional parliament convenes and the prime minister officially accuses the president of violating the transitional charter, discussion on the president’s intervention should come before allowing the prime minister to ask the parliament for a vote of confidence.

Ould Abdalla has undermined the charter by rushing to judgment in support of the TFG president.  Yesterday, Sheikh Yusuf Indha-cadde , onetime  warlord who joined the TFG after he split with his former boss, Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys,  leader of Hizbul Islam, told the media, that the transitional federal government had supplied insurgents  with weapons. Indha-cadde  is/was the TFG Minister of State for Defense.

The TFG saw a similar power struggle  in 2008.  The former TFG president,  Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed,  sacked his prime minister Nur Hassan Hussein. “We have a charter.  The president can appoint a prime minister but he cannot sack a prime minister,” Nur Adde told the BBC Somali Service. The intentional community supported the former prime minister and persuaded the former TFG president to resign.

On this dawn of renewed tensions within in the TFG, many Somalis are asking themselves, what is the role of the UN representative in all this? Some believe that Mr.Abdalla undermined the transitional federal charter of Somalia by meddling in the TFG institutions. Should some one rein him in? can Mr.Ahmedou Oulad Abdalla act as an impartial UN Special Representative for Somalia?

Liban Ahmad
Horseed Media


  1. Jamal Walid-Aziz says

    Walad Abdalla,s demand is simple and clear to all of us. the number 1 demand is money money money and power, money talks,my advice to you is that there is no money left and dont get your hopes up. You are not worthy to even become UN Representative. All somalians are united, and they are keeping an eye on you. So you better leave before it is too late.

  2. kamaal says

    Well say and well done,but there is one thing we need to ask ourselve which is Why the President care about The Speaker of the Parliament so much, and why Ould Abdalle always to ask support to the international community this ignorant president. I believe we are passengers of wheel and the drivers are OUL ABADALA AND MELEZ SANAWI EITHOPIA PRESIDENT.We all know that Gebre the Eithopian General has been in the VILLA Somalia for the last 2 weeks and we got the answer.We know the game and the deal but shabaab will get more support in Somali community if OUL ABDALA and Melez don,t leave Soamlis internal problem but it is unlikly to happened.

  3. maxmoud cali says

    well said Liban,Ould Abdalla is mastering the dirty game as usual,and these tools,(shariif and his felows) are manipulated by him,(they don’t care or will care about the constitution)..but one thing that we are waiting is,is sharif ready to resighn as former president??( remember OMAR is the position NUR was ) well if he stays after all this mess,..forget about Somalia cause it will be a nation of OULD ABDALLA,the dirt master!!