OBJECTIVE: Prime Minister of the Federal Republic of Somalia

Mohamoud Jama Hamud

OBJECTIVE: Prime Minister of the Federal Republic of Somalia

 Goals: Advocate for unification of the Somali communities through a holistic grassroots approach that focuses away from sectarian ideals, which establishes the rule of law and brings forth good governance, free from corruption. Furthermore, the establishment of credible Somali institutions that are competitive on a regional and global scale, which have the principles of the Somali people in mind; as well as the empowerment of women to insure their involvement within the affairs of the Federal Republic.


Religion Consultant,                                                                                             1997- Present

Mayo Clinic,

Rochester, MN

  • Provide support and empowerment to Muslim patients and families to take control of healthcare issues in a holistic assessment.

Co-Founder/Board Member                                                                                   2010- Present

STEM Academy (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math),

Rochester, MN

STEM is a high school that prepares students for higher learning and professions, in fields such as microbiology, nursing, nanotechnology, computer graphics, software engineering and physics. http://www.rocheststemacademy.org

Lecturer                                                                                                         2003- Present

University of Minnesota- Rochester,

Rochester, MN

  • Taught a linguistic and phonetics course.

Director/Co-Founder                                                                                      1991- 1996

Somali Development and Relief Agency (SDRA),

Washington, D.C.

  • Responsible for fundraising, identification of International

Organizations to collaborate in project design and implementation.

  • Secured funding from United States office of Disaster Assistance

(OFDA) and the African Development Bank (ADB) for the

Implementation of Sanaag Water Rehabilitation Project.

  • Acted as a coordinator between Medical Care International(MCDI)

And SOMALAID of Geneva.

  • Responsible in providing  technical and logistic support to the project.
  • Promoted effective communication between MCDI/Washington and

Somali Development & Relief Agency/MCDI field staff.

  • Monitored and reviewed progress and financial report in compliance

With donor requirements.

  • Responsible for setting up training workshops for local project personnel and SDRA field staff in the areas of project design, financial management and reporting. These efforts were meant to sustain the institutional capacity of SDRA and enhance its credibility.

Country Director                                                                                             1984- 1990


Mogadishu, Somalia/Nairobi, Kenya

  • Managed the organization’s development and relief activities

In Somalia and Kenya.

  • Responsible for budgeting, financial management, administration,

Procurement, contract negotiations, and reporting functions.

  • Supervised staff of over 500 employees and contract expatriate personnel.
  • Successfully created a positive tone for Africare’s operations and stimulated

Interest in its goals, objectives, philosophies and resources.

  • Established and maintained effective cooperative relationships with high level officials of Somalia’s government, host country planners, local officials, third country and international organization personnel, and representatives of U.S. government and private agencies.
  • Elected Chairman of the Association of Voluntary Agencies (AVAS) in Somalia.
  • Developed project proposals including budgeting and logistical requirements.
  • Secured funding from variety of sources.
  • Supervised the implementation of projects.
  • Provided technical analyses and program evaluation of project implementation.
  • Monitored all operations and projects to ensure their adherence to prescribed plans and goals.
  • Participated in the design of the $18 Million PVO partners Project, an umbrella project put together and funded by USAID.
  • Represented the Private Voluntary Organization (PVO) community on the committee that reviewed project proposals and made funding decisions.
  • Designed and secured funding for 4.5 million project which created water collection systems and self-help projects for more than 200 communities with the use of local people and resources.
  • Directed reforestation project in Jalaqasi that was a cooperative effort between local and refugee communities

Fund Administrator/Coordinator                                                                             1986- 1989

Canadian Embassy Fund for Somalia,

Mogadishu, Somalia 

  • Acted as a Coordinator of the Canadian Embassy in Nairobi, Kenya’s development work in Somalia where it had no representative.
  • Analysed, monitored and evaluated funds projects.
  • Disseminated information on the availability of Canadian funds, identified projects for funding, and advised eligible organizations on the fund’s policies and procedures.
  • Briefed and arranged visits of the Canadian Government officials, consultants and representatives of private organizations.
  • This work was conducted simultaneously with Africare cuties with Africare’s approval.

Program Manager/Lead Engineer                                                                           1981- 1984


Washington, DC

  • Analysed and made recommendations concerning country development strategies, project proposals and other organizational activities in Eastern and Southern Africa.
  • Monitored and reviewed progress of projects and their adherence to stated plans and objectives.
  • Promoted effective relationships and communication between Washington staff and country teams.
  • Assisted in the selection of personnel.
  • Served as program Manager for 2.5 million Chama Rice Irrigation Project involving development of more than 320 hectares in Zambia.



Civil Engineer                                                                                                                1980- 1981

Arabian Agricultural Systems,

Wadi Al Dawasir, Saudi Arabia

  • Evaluated and supervised the upgrading of irrigation systems ranging from Centre Pivots to trickle irrigation.
  • Assisted farmers in learning modern agricultural methods and adopting them to their needs.
  • Served as liaison officer disseminating information between management and local farmers.


Teaching Fellow                                                                                              1984- 1990

King Faisal University,

Hafuf, Saudi Arabia

  • Taught a surveying and irrigation courses in the Department of Agricultural Engineering.
  • Supervised the surveying and land levelling operations for an irrigation project at the university’s newly established research center.




Advisory Board                                                                                               2000- 2010

Good Samaritan Dental Clinic,

Rochester, MN


Advisory Council                                                                                            2005- 2010

Children, Youth & Family Consortium

University of Minnesota- Twin Cities

Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN

Board            Member                                                                                                  2003- 2005

United Way of Olmsted County,

Rochester, MN

School Board Member                                                                                    2000-2001

Rochester Public Schools,

Rochester, MN



Public Administration

Somali Institute of Public Administration, 1972

Mogadishu, Somalia


BS: Civil Engineering

Cornell University 1978

Ithaca, NY


Project Management Certificate1983

American University

Washington, DC

Consultant, Certificate, 1999

Mayo Clinic










LANGUAGES: English, Arabic and Somali