Somali kills Zambian in Ndola

Copperbelt police chief Mary Tembo

Copperbelt police chief Mary Tembo

A SOMALI employer yesterday shot dead a chef in Ndola allegedly after the two differed over payments.

Holland Kabaso, 30, was shot dead around 11:30 hours at Catchpol Flats on Kopa Road near the town centre.

Omar Mohammed Hashi, also aged 30, and a business executive, has been charged with murder.

Copperbelt police chief Mary Tembo confirmed yesterday that Mr Kabaso was shot in the head and died instantly.

Ms Tembo said Hashi was arrested in Kansenshi area as he attempted to flee in a taxi and police recovered a 7.55 calibre VZOR pistol and four rounds of ammunition.

An eyewitness said Hashi had driven into the premises in his BMW vehicle and asked Mr Kabaso to fetch his passport from the house.

Mr Kabaso collected the passport and gave it to Hashi as he enquired about his salary but the Somali got upset and shot Mr Kabaso in both legs and the head.

In panic, Hashi drove off but later abandoned his vehicle in Kansenshi to book a taxi to Sakania border after offering to pay K2 million.

But the taxi driver got suspicious and instead drove Hashi to a military Provost in Kansenshi residential area after noticing that the passenger was armed.

Meanwhile, two children of Kafubu bloc in Luanshya died instantly after being struck by lightning on Wednesday around 15:00 hours.

Ms Tembo identified the victims as Thomas Lungu, aged five, and a female Moono Lungu, 12. The mother sustained serious injuries and was admitted to Roan Hospital.