SOMALIA: Puntland Commends U.S. Diplomatic Recognition of Somalia Federal Government

Puntland Government welcomes the new announcement by outgoing U.S. Secretary of State H.E. Hillary Clinton in Washington, D.C., that the U.S. Government has recognized the new Federal Government of Somalia, led by H.E. President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, who is currently visiting the U.S.

The U.S. has not recognized a national government in Somalia since the collapse of the last central government in 1991. We believe that this is a courageous and historic step in advancing U.S.-Somalia relations and an example for other nations of the world.

On behalf of the people and Government of Puntland, we share our commendations with the U.S. Government, the Somali President, and the people of Somalia as a whole.

Puntland contributed immensely to the international effort to end the transitional period in Somalia, in a process that included the adoption of a Somali Provisional Federal Constitution, the nomination of a Lower House of Federal Parliament and election of its Speaker, followed by the election of a new President of the Federal Republic of Somalia.

Similarly, Puntland Government continues to contribute positively to strengthening peace, security and stability across Somalia, as the Government administers a vast territory constituting the most strategic area of Somalia.

Puntland encourages the U.S. – and Somalia’s other partners – to continue supporting peace and stabilization, humanitarian aid, good governance, and economic development programs in Somalia as a whole.

Puntland expects the Somali Federal Government to adhere to the country’s adopted Federal Constitution, fairly allocate share of international security sector support programs and planning to the regions of Somalia, advance completion of the federal system of government in Somalia, support formation of the remaining Federated States, promote genuine national reconciliation, establish the Upper House of Federal Parliament to represent the Federated States in accordance with the Constitution, and enact equitable distribution of international humanitarian and development assistance granted in the name of Somalia in a credible and transparent process.

Finally, Puntland Government sends its utmost congratulations to outgoing Secretary Clinton for her valued accomplishments during her years in public service.

Source: Puntland Government