Somalia: Puntland Congratulates Jubaland People and the New President-elect

puntland_farasPRESS RELEASE

The people and Government of Puntland State of Somalia warmly welcome the election of the new President of Jubaland State of Somalia, His Excellency Ahmed Mohamed Islam, who was elected by a majority of community delegates at the Jubaland Constitutional Conference in Kismayo.

Puntland congratulates the people of Jubaland State and the new Presidentelect, on organizing a community-led consultative conference, adopting a new State Charter, and electing a new President today.
Puntland also congratulates the other Presidential Candidates and calls on them to respect the election results.

Puntland reaffirms that the Jubaland State formation process is fully in accordance with the Provisional Federal Constitution (PFC) of Somalia, and Puntland calls upon the Somali Federal Government, IGAD, and the wider international community to recognize and cooperate with Jubaland State.

Additionally, Puntland encourages communities in the remaining regions of south-central Somalia to establish States in a similar consultative and open process, in order to complete the Federal Republic of Somalia.

Puntland urges the new Jubaland leadership to implement policies that develop government institutions, engender political and social cohesion, and contribute positively to the common purpose of rebuilding the Somali nation

Finally, Puntland declares that the spoilers who opposed Jubaland State formation have failed again. Puntland reiterates that the spoilers wish to keep Somalia embroiled in a vicious cycle of violence, lawlessness and political instability, and that the Jubaland process has sent a clear signal of the Somali people’s true aspirations for peace, security, democracy, and unity in a
Federal Republic.
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