Neil Wigan, ambassadeur de la Grande Bretagne en RDC

2015 – A critical year for Somalia [Op-Ed]

The start of the year is always a time to reflect on past achievements. Much progress was made in 2014 as Somalia continued on the path to stability. This path was never going to be easy - rebuilding a country that has suffered so much will take the [Continue Reading...]


Kenya: Learning Lessons from Mandera [Op-Ed]

Mandera County is remote and largely unknown to most Kenyans, let alone to foreigners. It is an arid and sometimes forbidding region that borders Ethiopia and Somalia, a place of pastoralists and semi-pastoralists who live much as they have done for [Continue Reading...]


As uncertainty reigns

The nature of the human condition is such that progress and setbacks are all part of everyday existence. The Somali peoples having become use to the vicissitudes of life invariably remain sanguine and this is what ensures that they are such good [Continue Reading...]