The Hypocrisy of Somali Politicians [Op-Ed]


Somalia has been acquainted with the sarcastic politics since its foundation of 1960. Let me quote the saying of Somali Quran teachers, when they are getting you joined their schools they say “Xininyaha banaanka soo dhigo” which they mean -leave your pride out, before you get in to the school”. Compatibly, when you are going […]

A perfect Somali political regrouping in picture —By Mahad Gelle


The old order is changing, but the new one is yet to take shape, and this is expected to firm up after the Hiiraan/Middle Shabelle formation process. Much will depend on how Presiden Hassan Sheikh kicks the ball, and whether he scores with a disillusioned state process in the country. Even as existing alliances are […]

Why there is high Rate of Youth Unemployment in Puntland, Somalia?


The world is facing a worsening youth employment crisis; young people are three times more likely to be unemployed than adults Unemployment means a person willing to work but unable to find a qualified job. Our country is facing many problems but one of the serious problems is of unemployment. Many graduates, doctors, engineers, scientist […]

Learning for Peace in South Somalia

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Dollow, South Somalia: Seventeen year old Osob Abdullahi Mohamed carefully inserts a thread through a sewing machine needle, spreads the fabric in position and quickly kicks the machine into motion stitching the pieces together. “It is a lady’s blouse,” says Osob whose family was forced to flee due to conflict and now lives in a […]

Somalia: The Blurred Line Between Politics of Subjectivity and Women Rights


“Legitimacy is not an assumed right” President Baraka Obama. Since the collapse of the central government in 1991, Somalia has suffered from civil-war, widespread famine, broken infrastructure, rampant human, women, and civil rights abuses, poverty, human trafficking, rape, murder and corruption on every level of the society. Given this backdrop and all the internal and […]

It is time to review Vision 2016 and to be more optimistic about Somalia [Op-Ed]


No one can deny the huge progress that our beloved country is making, despite all the challenges that face us as a country and as a nation. This article aims to highlight the existing opportunities, as well as pointing out the challenges and more importantly the main aim is to suggest recommendations that are realistic […]

Why Somalia has not yet stabilized? [Op-Ed]


The former Italian colony of Somalia became independent in 1960, and some moths later united with the former British Somaliland Protectorate to form the Somali Republic and Somalis is one of the first African countries got their independences. Somalia was an important commercial centre and hub of economic integration which connects to continents, countries, cultures, […]

Somalia: Post-Independence and discourse of perplexed leadership


Somalia with more than two decades of civil war carries an indelible scar from colonial and authoritarian powers, which have imposed cultural and psychological limits that have become the impervious fault lines of conflict. Colonialism has shaped the history of ancient cultures throughout Africa and instilled a perpetual exploitation of tribalism, or in the case […]

Firing squads, blast walls and dangerous diplomacy in Somalia

Firing squads, blast walls and dangerous diplomacy in Somalia

A navy flak jacket over his sky-blue shirt, Neil Wigan peered through the bulletproof glass window at six uneven wooden poles in front of a sand dune. “There are more of them now,” the British ambassador to Somalia said, driving past the execution posts that convicts are tied to before being shot by firing squad. […]

As the cycle of crisis continues in Somalia, vital remittance pipelines risk being cut

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Somalia’s financial lifeline remains under threat as banks in US, UK, Australia, and elsewhere have broken ties with the money transfer operators that make remittances possible, NGOs warn. Nairobi,19 February, 2015 – Just three years on from a devastating famine that killed 258,000, Somalia continues to be in the grips of crisis. At the same […]