Somalia’s problems need economic solutions

By Liban A. Ahmad  “Since my appointment, I have done a little bit of reading about the situation in Somalia and come to the conclusion it needs a homegrown solution” Jerry Rawlings,  Africa Union’s High Representative to Somalia Somalia’s [Continue Reading...]


Somalia: Is recognition for Somaliland near?

Somalilanders have jubilantly celebrated the 20th anniversary since the declaration of Somaliland as county that is no longer a part of the Somali Republic.  It took Somaliland ten years to form political parties and another ten years to conduct two [Continue Reading...]


SOMALIA: Helping young people to find work

Instead of joining militias or idling at street corners, the youth in Garowe, the regional capital of the self-declared autonomous region of Puntland, are learning skills to help them earn a living, officials said. A local NGO, the Farsano [Continue Reading...]


SOMALIA: Mogadishu’s “lost generation”

Most Somalis, especially in the capital, Mogadishu, have always lived amid war and joblessness. More than half the country's population was born after the 1991 ouster of Mohammed Siad Barre that sparked the country's slide into anarchy. "This is a [Continue Reading...]


HORN OF AFRICA: Food insecurity grips region

The number of people requiring humanitarian assistance in the Horn of Africa could increase sharply in coming months due to below-average rainfall and high food and fuel prices, say aid workers. Moreover, funding shortfalls, drought and conflict [Continue Reading...]


Somalia needs a new direction

  Today, we are living in a world of diversity where culture is getting lost in trans-international cross-cultural living. We have seen families which are started by internet connections, children produced by invitro-fertilization, testube [Continue Reading...]


KENYA-SOMALIA: Turned back at the border

Just when he thought he had found sanctuary in Kenya, Hassan Abdulle, 43, says he was ordered by security officials there to cross the nearby border back into the battle-scarred Somali town of Bulo Hawo. Abdulle, a father of six, was among [Continue Reading...]


SOMALIA: U.S. Approaches to Counter-Piracy

[Press Release] The United States takes an integrated multidimensional and multilateral approach to combating piracy in the Arabian Sea, Gulf of Aden, and the Indian Ocean region.  This approach focuses on security through expanded naval operations; [Continue Reading...]