Kenya: Learning Lessons from Mandera [Op-Ed]

Mandera County is remote and largely unknown to most Kenyans, let alone to foreigners. It is an arid and sometimes forbidding region that borders Ethiopia and Somalia, a place of pastoralists and semi-pastoralists who live much as they have done for [Continue Reading...]


As uncertainty reigns

The nature of the human condition is such that progress and setbacks are all part of everyday existence. The Somali peoples having become use to the vicissitudes of life invariably remain sanguine and this is what ensures that they are such good [Continue Reading...]

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Somalia: Puntland Prepares to Soar [Op-Ed]

Connectivity has become something of a buzz word in Puntland State, Somalia. For a strategically located region the importance of improving infrastructure along with land, sea and air corridors has become a national priority. Puntland's President [Continue Reading...]


The Transformative Power of Water

Water is so utterly fundamental to life that its availability or not has been the cause of the rise and fall of civilizations down the ages. When we really think about it our relationship with this precious commodity could easily generate no end of [Continue Reading...]