Is Djibouti al-Qaeda’s new front?

On Saturday, suspected suicide bombers struck a restaurant popular with westerners in Djibouti. Three people died and more than a dozen were injured, including European nationals. The attack is the first of its kind. No one has claimed [Continue Reading...]

Culturally correct insanity

I - Preliminary diagnosis Keywords The Patient Somalia Spiritits chronic clannish mentality The Spiritonauts:  sufferers of Spiritits (Somali men) The Spirits Ultra-ancestral emissions that are visible only to the eyes of the [Continue Reading...]

Al-Shabaab’s New Face in Kenya?

With the notable exception of Westgate, terrorism incidents in Kenya have largely consisted of lobbed grenades and makeshift IEDs. The perpetrators have tended to be sympathetic to al-Shabaab's ideology but unlikely to have direct ties to the [Continue Reading...]

No Time for Complacency on Piracy

In 2011, 176 ships were attacked by pirates off the coast of Somalia. Twenty-five of these attacks were successful. In 2013, seven ships were attacked, but no attack was successful. It is clear that the international fight against piracy is [Continue Reading...]

Can South Africa lead Africa?

The upcoming elections in South Africa might be an opportunity for change in the country and the whole continent. By: Abdi Ismail Samatar Nelson Mandela's long walk to freedom reached its promised land in 1994, but twenty years later the mission [Continue Reading...]

The Price of Investing in Foreign Lands

by Heikal Kenneded Sunday, April 20, 2014 Of all the lessons to be drawn from the recent Kenyan security crackdown of the Somali communities in the Eastleigh enclave of Nairobi, the most widely accepted maybe it’s time that Somali businesses quit [Continue Reading...]