U.S banks move ruining the lives of families in Somalia

Somali News

Last week, a U.S based bank, Merchants Bank of Carlifornia NA, announced that it is closing the bank accounts of companies that transfer money to Somalia, despite calls for reconsideration. The move stunned the entire Somali community across the world and the international community that supports the state, calling the decision a ‘’catastrophe’’. Now they […]

2015 – A critical year for Somalia [Op-Ed]

Neil Wigan, ambassadeur de la Grande Bretagne en RDC

The start of the year is always a time to reflect on past achievements. Much progress was made in 2014 as Somalia continued on the path to stability. This path was never going to be easy – rebuilding a country that has suffered so much will take the continued efforts of all Somalis. But much […]

Somalia’s Poor Transport Infrastructure [Op-Ed]


“Improved primary roads before immense development” It seems, after two decades of bloody conflict the weak economy in East Africa wants to opt for durable recovery and boost the local economy which has been in shambles with booming transport infrastructure. However the steps should be called into question and to me the frequently asked question […]

Ala Sheikh group ready to lead Somalia – [Op-Ed]


Somalia is moving forward as the country is getting peaceful. The current government’s mandate is to hold fair and free elections by September 2016. While this is an ambitious target, nevertheless Somali elites are preparing themselves by either establishing political parties or infiltrating business groups and the education system in Somalia. The one group that […]

Corruption is costing Kenyans their lives – no one is safe

Bus passengers wait to be searched for weapons by Kenyan police in the town of Mandera – 'a dusty outpost that has for years served as a conduit for smugglers, human traffickers and now terrorists'. Photograph: Goran Tomasevic/Reuters

Since the horrific Westgate mall terrorist attack in Nairobi in September 2013, Kenyans have been bracing themselves for similar attacks elsewhere. Kenya has been waging a war against the terrorist group al-Shabaab in southern Somalia since 2011, and fears have been exacerbated by the realisation that its security forces are simply not up to the […]

Kenya: Learning Lessons from Mandera [Op-Ed]


Mandera County is remote and largely unknown to most Kenyans, let alone to foreigners. It is an arid and sometimes forbidding region that borders Ethiopia and Somalia, a place of pastoralists and semi-pastoralists who live much as they have done for hundreds of years. For the county to suddenly be in the media spotlight following […]

Is ’Damul Jadiid’ a serious threat to Somalia’s aspirations?


It is nearly a month since Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud and Prime Minister Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed disagreed over a reshuffle on the cabinet. The friction between the top government officials has caused division between the cabinet itself and the country’s Federal Parliament. Two sessions of the Parliament was put-off in a noisy protest by […]

As uncertainty reigns


The nature of the human condition is such that progress and setbacks are all part of everyday existence. The Somali peoples having become use to the vicissitudes of life invariably remain sanguine and this is what ensures that they are such good company. They are the great survivors, who sustained by a deep and profound […]

Somalia: Puntland Prepares to Soar [Op-Ed]

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Connectivity has become something of a buzz word in Puntland State, Somalia. For a strategically located region the importance of improving infrastructure along with land, sea and air corridors has become a national priority. Puntland’s President Abdiweli Ali Gas is leading the campaign, one readily supported by diverse stakeholders ranging from the Public Sector, the […]