Video: Kenyans In Somalia

With relative peace having returned to parts of Somalia, Kenyan professionals having been flying there for greener pastures. But what are the challenges that come with the numerous job opportunities in Somalia? Alex Chamwada interacted with some of [Continue Reading...]

The investor helping Somali businesses

By Jane O'Brien BBC News Earlier this year Mohamed Ali was reminded once again of the dangers of living and working in the Somali capital, Mogadishu. Islamic militants attacked the presidential compound on 22 February, when his father was praying [Continue Reading...]

Losing Hearts and Minds in Kenya

The Crackdown on Somalis Will Probably Backfire By Cedric Barnes (@CedricHoA) The round-up and mass detention of Somalis in Nairobi, which began in earnest on 31 March, deliberately conflated immigration issues with counter-terrorism and has widened [Continue Reading...]

Rights groups slam Kenya refugee crackdown

Local activists say Kenya is singling out Somali refugees in a clampdown that has seen about 3,000 people detained. Human rights activists have compared detention facilities for refugees arrested by the Kenyan government to "concentration camps". [Continue Reading...]