Somalia and Palestine re-establish diplomatic relations

The Palestinian National Authority has appointed a new ambassador to Somalia, joining the Arab League members Sudan, Libya, Djibouti and Yemen in setting up representation in the increasingly stable country.

Envoy Kamil Abdallah Saturday presented his credentials to Somalia President Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed at the state house in Mogadishu.

The diplomat also passed on to President Ahmed a special message from the President of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas.

With the fundamentalist Al-Shabaab group having vacated most of its positions in the Somali capital, more countries and agencies have set up shop.

Ethiopia and Turkey are represented, as are European Union members Italy and Britain.

Almost all diplomatic staff were eveacuated from Mogadishu at the start of Somalia’s civil war in January 1991 when Gen Mohamed Siad Barre’s regime collapsed under pressure from rebel groups.

Elsewhere, at least ten people were reported dead after armed men from different pirate groups triggered heavy fighting in Haradhere district, some 400 kilometres north east of Mogadishu on Saturday.

At least a dozen were taken to hospital, reports said.


Source: Africa Review