Can Somalia’s MPs Actually Impeach The President? [Op-Ed]


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While aid agencies warn of another catastrophic hunger crisis amid low Gu rains, Somalia’s political cycle is in full swing.

Over 100 MPs have signed and presented a petition to President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud asking him to resign, citing 14 points of failure.

And by gaining a necessary 1/3 of votes from Somalia’s 275 MPs, parliament has also succeeded in tabling a motion to debate whether the President should be impeached–depending on whether he submits to pressure over his resignation.

Why Not Impeachment First?
Importantly, MPs are seeking a resignation of the President rather than impeachment at this juncture.

This is because Article 92 of Somalia’s provisional constitution covering impeachment proceedings appears to require the action of a constitutional court–which currently does not exist–in order to determine the legitimacy of the grounds for discharging the president.


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