Al Shabaab attack foiled in Mandera – Police

A planned terror attack at Mandera was thwarted after a successful collaboration between the residence and the police officers.

The police said the attack was to take place on July 22, targeting eight workers who are working at the upcoming dispensary at Kotulo.

The eight who are non-locals were saved after locals took action of protecting them before police responded in time.

One local was injured during the confrontation and is recuperating at Elwak hospital.

Police managed to push the militia who escaped into Somalia after the attack failed.

Police spokesperson Charles Owino on Thursday lauded Mandera residents for their brave action.

He has called upon members of the public to continue coordinating with police officers to ensure their security is not at risk.

Owino has also asked Kenyans to remain vigilant and report any said suspicious people or group.

Police say the aim of the defeated militia is to sabotage development which to them will frustrate narrative of marginalisation and underdevelopment.

Last month, gunmen attacked a Land Cruiser which was heading to Mandera town from Rhamo.

The incident happened at Bamboo in Mandera North sub-county where an improvised explosive device had been planted before.

The reports had earlier indicated that there was a possibility of terrorist attack along the Kenya-Somalia border within Mandera county during the last days of Ramada.

The report reealed al-Shabaab militants have been regrouping in Fino area of Mandera from where they plan to execute an attack on Kenya’s security installations in an El Adde-style ambush that left more than 100 KDF soldiers killed in 2016.

Source: the-star