Tanzania: 60 people confirmed dead after petroleum lorry bursts into flames

Sixty people have been confirmed dead and 70 others serious injured today Saturday, August 10,after a fuel tanker exploded into flames at Msamvu, Morogoro town.

Majority of the motorcyclists who thronged the accident scene to collect leaking fuel and the food vendors doing their businesses along the Dar es Salaam-Morogoro highway were reportedly burnt beyond recognition.

Morogoro Regional Police Commander Mr Wilbroad Mutafungwa confirmed that those who were killed are 60.

The accident occurred about 200 metres from the Msanvu Bus Station in Morogoro town.

Eyewitnesses said when the lorry overturned, several people crowded around it to collect leaking fuel but others were simply doing their businesses around the area.

Some have attributed the fire explosion to one person who went there to scramble for fuel while smoking a cigarette.

Mr Abdallah Msambali, an eyewitness told The Citizen were scrambling for fuel after the lorry overturned and that was before the fire explosion.

Fire fighters from Tanzania People’s Defense Force (TPDF) and Fire Brigade have been carrying out a rescue operation.

Bodies of those who died have been preserved at Morogoro Regional Hospital.

“This has never happened in Morogoro town,” said the Morogoro Regional Commissioner Dr Steven Kwebwe who arrived at the accident scene later.

“The lorry overturned and spilled fuel over 100 metres along the road,’’ he added Dr Kebwe.