Allies, donors map the road to Somalia’s coming election

Somalia’s partners are trusting the federal government and state administrations to deliver on the planned universal suffrage elections, warning the two levels of leadership that they could either make or break the historic polls.

Speaking this past week at the fourth Somalia Partnership Forum in Mogadishu, the country’s donors and regional allies fronted ideas on how the country could hold one-person, one-vote elections by early 2021.

The challenge, according to most speakers, was not about existing poverty or security challenges, but about political will.

The aim of the forum was “to take stock of the progress made by the country, as well as agree on priorities ahead”, and was attended by political leaders, business people and diplomats.

The participants, who also included representatives from the UN, the AU, the EU and donor countries, concluded that the Mutual Accountability Framework should be the reference point.

According to the Mutual Accountability Framework, Somalia needs to adopt an Electoral Law by this December and pass a new constitution by June next year, which will outline the functions and powers of the federal government and states.