Al Shabaab flushed out from last major stronghold in Somalia

Published: July 24, 2015

Al Shabaab flushed out last major stronghold in SomaliaAfrican Union and Somali troops on Friday morning won control of a strategic town that had been used by the Islamic militants of al-Shabaab, forcing the insurgents from their last significant stronghold in the Southern part of the country.
The allied forces took control of Dinsoor town in the South-western Bay region, which is more than 240KM from Mogadishu.
‘’They left the town on Thursday evening and planted mines across the roads that enter but we managed to remove all of them and secure the town peacefully,’’ said an official in the army.
The pull out of the militants comes as African Union peacekeepers and Somali government forces marched towards the town in the past few days.
Al Shabaab lost the control of Bardhere two days ago and now the group doesn’t control any major town in Southern Somalia.
According to analysts, the latest assault is likely to send al-Shabab fighters underground. Hardcore fighters may unleash suicide bombs and ambushes but less dedicated fighters could melt back into their communities, further reducing al-Shabab’s strength.
African Union troops pushed al-Shabab out of Mogadishu in August 2011, ending more than four years of control of the capital by the fighters. The Ugandan and Burundian troops that make up the bulk of the African Union force in Mogadishu have slowly been taking control of towns outside of Mogadishu.
Ever since losing key towns in Southern and Central Somalia, the group has staged guerrilla attacks and suicide missions in the capital, Mogadishu killing civilians and government officials.
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