Al- Sharq Al Awsat Newspaper Presented a Fictitious Somalia “Memo” As Factual News

Published: August 12, 2010

Mogadishu, Somalia:   Al- Sharq Al Awsat Newspaper published on August 7, a wholly fabricated memo purportedly signed by the Somalia President. This document is also published by some mainstream Somali websites such as Markacadeey and Biyokulule. (
In the past, fake document which resembled Sharq Awsat’s current fabricated memo was circulated and the Office of the President demonstrated the false nature of such publication.
Since the current bogus “strategy memo” is similar to the past debunked forged document, there is no need to comment on the content of a phony memo .
Suffice to say, the so-called “Secret Memo” published by Al Sharq Al Awsat and posted by some Somali websites is 100% fabricated.
 Neither the Transitional Federal Government of Somalia nor the Somali President contributed to even a word. The first time the TFG leaders saw the memo is when it was published by Al Sharq Al Awsat and Somali
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