Anti-terrorism law set to be debated by the Somalia Parliament

Published: October 22, 2014

Somalia parliamentNew anti-terrorism bill has been submitted to the Somalia’s Federal Parliament on Wednesday by the government and expected to be debated by the Members of the Parliament.

The new laws that would boost the powers of security officials and police could pass through parliament within weeks. It is expected to ensure government is able to punish groups engaged in terror related acts.

According to reliable sources, the new laws will make easy to arrest someone for terrorism offences without a warrant.

Members of the parliament have been given a duration of time to go through the articles of the new bill.

“The law represents one of the most important objectives in the phase which Somalia is going through and which demands decisive response to the terrorist groups,’’ said a legislator who declined to be named.

Somalia Prime Minister Abdiweli Sheikh had earlier called for the Parliament to accelerate the passing of the bill, which will enable the government to crackdown groups such as al-Shabaab, which has lost most of its territories to the Somali government and African Union forces since the beginning of this year.

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