Somalia: The Daarood kingdom will inaugurate its 34th King

Published: May 24, 2014

On Sunday, King Burhan Muse the 34th King of Somalis Daarood clan will be officially inaugurated in the Puntland’s ancient city of Gardo.

boqor burhaan
King Burhan Muse the 34th King of Somalis Daarood clan

The ceremony will be attend by delegations led by all Somali clans elders and government officials from Puntland, Federal Government of Somalia, Jubaland, Kenya and the Somali administration of Ethiopia.

According to the organizers more than 6000 delegates are confirmed to be attending the ceremony, which will be the biggest inauguration ceremony to date.

The Puntland President Prof.Abdiweli Gaas and his deputy are among the attendees; also ministers from the Somali federal government are currently in Gardo city. The head of Juba Administration are also accepted to arrive in the city today.

On Friday a high level delegation from the Somali Administration in Federal Ethiopia arrived in Gardo, the delegation also received a warm welcome from the Puntland administration.

This week the semi autonomous government of Puntland has announced that it will invest more into reviving and the regenerating the ancient history and culture of Puntland state of Somalia.

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