Egypt Warns against Threats to Somalia, Vows “Power Untested” in Region

Published: January 21, 2024

In a significant diplomatic move, the Presidents of Somalia and Egypt, Mr. Hassan Sheikh Mohamud and Mr. Abdul Fattah Al-Sisi, convened in Cairo today for a bilateral meeting aimed at addressing critical issues related to regional security and fostering collaboration between the two nations.

The high-profile meeting took place at the Egyptian Presidential Palace, where the leaders engaged in closed-door talks covering a range of topics. Central to the discussions were concerns regarding the evolving situation in the Red Sea region, joint counterterrorism efforts, and the strengthening of bilateral ties between Somalia and Egypt.

Following the talks, President Mohamud, in a joint press conference with President Al-Sisi, underscored Somalia’s unwavering commitment to collaborating with allies and partners to safeguard the nation’s independence and unity against potential threats.

“The fruitful discussions we had today show how we want to strengthen diplomatic, security, and political relations between the Egyptian government and people and Somalia,” President Mohamud stated. “We are long-standing allies and brothers who always work together to create a bright future and sustainable development.”

President Mohamud expressed gratitude to Egypt for its steadfast position against actions taken by Ethiopia that impact Somali maritime rights. He emphasized the economic and strategic significance of the Red Sea, highlighting Somalia’s integral role in the region and asserting that the nation would not tolerate any violations of its rights by other countries.

President Al-Sisi echoed these sentiments, reaffirming Egypt’s strong opposition to any threats against Somalia’s unity and territorial integrity in the region.

“The Egyptian government does not accept interference and violations of the unity and security of Somalia,” President Al-Sisi emphasized. “Egypt’s power should not be tested and threatened by its brothers, especially brotherly countries that ask us to stand by them.”

The joint stance of the two leaders reflects a united front against regional security threats. As both nations confront ongoing challenges related to terrorism and maritime security, the strengthened cooperation between Somalia and Egypt is expected to play a pivotal role in addressing shared concerns.

The bilateral meeting not only marks a reaffirmation of the longstanding ties between the two nations but also signals a commitment to collective efforts aimed at fostering stability and security in the region. As Somalia and Egypt join forces, their collaboration is poised to have a lasting impact on the geopolitical landscape of the Red Sea region.