EU and Somalia sign a multi-annual action plan for €89.5 million to address key development and state-building challenges

Published: October 26, 2023

The EU announced a €89.5 million Multi-annual Action Plan , including €20 million for crucial budget support, to bolster Somalia’s ongoing state-building process. The action plan is in line with the Joint Operational Roadmap, along the areas of focus as agreed between the Federal Government of Somalia and the EU.

Speaking in Brussels, European Commissioner for International Partnerships, Jutta Urpilainen, said: ““The EU has a solid partnership with Somalia. With this announcement and funding, we seek to address key development and state-building challenges while adapting to emerging political priorities and risks. Funding will go towards resilient infrastructure, as well as nutrition and social protection.” 

Also speaking at the Global Gateway Forum in Brussels, Somalia Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, H.E. Abshir Omar Jama said: “We express our gratitude for the multi-annual action plan, which offers an opportunity to strengthen the EU-Somali partnership in alignment with the Joint Operational Roadmap, and to further advance Somalia’s economic development and ongoing state-building endeavors”

The EU and Somalia share a longstanding partnership, recently strengthened by the launch of the EU-Somalia Joint Operational Roadmap, which marks a significant milestone in the collaborative efforts.

The EU and Member States’ objectives in Somalia are building state legitimacy and responsiveness, democratic governance and rule of law, building effective and sustainable responses to security challenges, responding to vulnerabilities and creating economic opportunities to foster inclusive and sustainable growth.