Former Somali Presidents Accuse Current Leader of Blocking Peace Talks

Published: February 13, 2024

Former Somali Presidents Accuse Current Leader of Derailing Peace Talks

Mogadishu, Somalia – Former Somali presidents, Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo and Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed, have launched a scathing attack on current president Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, accusing him of sabotaging efforts to resolve a political crisis and precipitating the country towards “division and conflict.”

The accusation stems from a dispute over proposed amendments to the Somali constitution, a sensitive issue that has ignited tensions between the federal government and regional administrations.

In a joint statement released on February 13, 2024, Farmajo and Ahmed claimed to have brokered an initial agreement between Mohamud and Saeed Abdullahi Deni, president of Puntland. This agreement involved a two-week moratorium on the constitutional amendment process and the commencement of dialogue. However, they allege that Mohamud reneged on the deal, failing to respond to their mediation efforts and resuming his push for the amendments.

“Our country is currently at a precarious juncture where our territorial unity and independence are in jeopardy,” the statement warns. “The only way to overcome this is through consultation, compromise, and concessions. It appears to us that the President has deviated from his commitments, which could lead the country down a path of “division and conflict.”

The former presidents have placed the blame squarely on Mohamud’s shoulders, stating, “We assure everyone who is interested in the political affairs of Somalia that President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud is accountable for any repercussions.”

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