Former Somalia PM Passes away in a U.S Hospital, at the age of 89

Published: February 1, 2014
Former Somalia PM delivers his speech at the UN during 1970s
Former Somalia PM delivers his speech at the UN during 1970s

Former Somalia Prime Minister, Abdirizak Hajji Hussein passed away in a Minneapolis hospital on Friday evening, family members have confirmed.

His death came days after he was admitted to the hospital, suffering from pneumonia.

Mr Hussein served as Somali prime minister from 1964­­ to 1967, before the Civil administration by that time in Somalia was overthrown in 1969 by a military coup.

Born in Galkayo, North-central of Somalia in 1924. After succeeding in his studies, he joined the Somali Youth league (SYL) which was a movement fighting for independence and was an active member, before elected as the leader of the movement in 1957.

During his tenure as Prime Minister, his Government was widely praised for tackling corruption. He was detained by the Military government and was held in prison for several years before he was released.

The Military government led by Siad Barre appointed him as the Somalia’s ambassador to the United Nations, that he served from 1976 to 1978.

In a Press statement, current Somali Prime Minister Mr Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed send out his condolences to the families and relatives of the former prime minister, saying that the country lost a hero who dedicated his life to the nation and a leading freedom fighter.

“Today, we lost one of our greatest national servants and freedom fighters who dedicated his life to the people of the great nation of Somalia.  He was a leading member of the freedom fighters of Somali Youth League and following independence became a committed public servant and politician who dedicated his life to the people and the Republic of Somalia. We must now take forward his legacy.”

Retiring from politics, Mr Abdirizak was residing in the U.S state of Minnesota but took part in several Reconciliation Conferences in efforts to bring an end to the Civil war that broke out in 1991.

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