Four kidnapped in Wajir by suspected Al-Shabaab militants

Published: December 19, 2019

Four construction workers were Tuesday abducted by an unknown number of suspected Al-Shabaab militants in Wel Garas area in Wajir County.

Wajir East Deputy County Commissioner (DCC) Omar Beja confirmed the incident which happened around 10 pm.

In an interview with the nation, Mr Beja said that the victims were undertaking road construction between Riba and Konton before the incident.

“I can confirm that four people who were doing road construction between Riba and Konton were kidnapped by suspected Al-shabaab militants last night,” said Mr Beja. 

The DCC further said that one of the victims, a driver, managed to escape from the assailants and is currently safe. 
He added that the driver had excused himself for a short call before running away from the kidnappers.

“We are getting information that the driver ran away from his abductors and we can confirm that he is in safe hands,” he said.

He however said that the whereabouts of the other three victims is yet to be established.

Mr Beja stated that the victims had a pick-up truck and grader at the time of the attack.

The DCC stated that they were still gathering more information on what transpired since the incident happened in a very remote area. 

Mr Beja said security forces had been deployed in the area of the incident to look for the assailants.
This attack comes barely two weeks after 11 people were killed by the suspected militants between Kutulo and Wargadud area in Tarbaj. 

Among the victims were eight officers who were returning to their work stations in Elram, Mandera. 

In June this year, seven officers lost their lives after their vehicle ran over an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) in Konton area. 

This is the fourth terrorist attack in Wajir County in a span of three months.

The porous Kenya-Somalia border has made the Northern region a perfect staging ground for attacks by the Somalia-based ragtag militia.

Source:Daily nation

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