Latest Somaliland offensives in Sool: attacks on civilians in Laascanood- SOMALIA

Published: February 10, 2023

The ongoing conflict in the city of Lascanood in Sool region, which has entered the 5th day, has resulted in the displacement of civilians, deaths and injuries.

The Somaliland forces, which failed to enter the city, are still bombarding some areas of the city with heavy weapons.

The local forces and clan militias are in control of the city, while the Somaliland soldiers are in the eastern and southern outskirts of the city.

The bombardment of heavy weapons in the city has caused deaths and injuries, according to the health workers.

The city’s water supply is completely cut off, the city’s water well is located in Goojacade, which is now the base of the Somaliland forces.

There is still an exodus of people who have fled to nearby towns such as Garowe. Some of the wounded were also taken to Garowe, while others were flown to Mogadishu.

The general hospital in Lascaanod city, which suffered losses in the shelling, said that there is now a shortage of medicine.

Horseed Media