Media Release: Somali President Appeals for Urgent International Support

Published: August 30, 2010

In light of the recent suicide attack at Muna Hotel on 24 August 2010, which claimed the innocent lives of more than 30 Somalis including four lawmakers, the president of Transitional Federal Government of Somalia renews his plea with members of the international community to refocus its attention on Somalia, as al-Shabab extremists step up their terror campaign. “It is quite impractical to expect that Somalia alone to contain the evil Al Qaeda-Al Shabab alliance, as Somalia is emerging from 20 years of destruction and chaotic political environment.” The President of the Transitional Federal Government of Somalia, Sharif Sheikh Ahmed, said in a statement.
Along with the July 11 suicide attacks in Kampala, the latest terrorist attack in Mogadishu highlights al-Shabaab and their terrorist friends’ aim to wreak havoc in the entire Horn of Africa region and beyond.  “The Somali government is committed to re-establish law and order in Mogadishu and deny al-Shabaab and their cronies the transnational doctrine of anarchy and extremism that they are trying to spread”, said President Sharif Sheikh Ahmed. “Despite all pressures, we must never forget that winning will require comprehensive strategy and patience with the process,” added President Ahmed.
However, in order to seriously confront the terrorists, the Government needs the help of the world community.
As the US government recently admitted, al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), which is based on our neighbor’s soil in Yemen, is more dangerous than al-Qaeda in Central Pakistan. Despite that fact, Pakistan, like Afghanistan and Iraq who are suffering from terrorists’ mayhem, receives significant assistance in terms of funding, logistics and targeted military actions.  “The Somali Government has neither similar support nor nearly as much resources as those countries have. Yet it’s facing similar, if not more potent enemy.” President noted in his statement.
Despite meager resources, the government’s security forces have bravely defended key public installations, and they are committed to defeat al-Shabaab.  “Since terrorism has become a borderless threat, the Somali Government is renewing its plea for urgent international support.” said the Somali President.
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