Miguna lashes at the government over strained diplomatic ties with Somalia

Published: February 18, 2019
  • The lawyer accused Kenyan government of “hypocrisy” in the ongoing diplomatic wrangles with the Somali government
  • He alleged the government was using “maginary war threats” in order to avoid dealing with real issues affecting the country
  • Miguna also challenged president Uhuru Kenyatta to claim ownership of Migingo Island which he alleged has been taken over by Ugandan government

Controversial lawyer and author Miguna Miguna has sharply differed with the government’s decision to abruptly cut off diplomatic ties with Somali over alleged auctioning of oil gas and blocks falling within the Kenyan maritime territory.

The self-declared National Resistance Movement (NRM) general took issue with the move accusing the government of engaging in diversionary politics aimed at blindfolding Kenyans from real issues affecting the country.

Through his Twitter account, the lawyer wondered why President Uhuru Kenyatta had swiftly responded to the Somali issue yet he had done nothing about Migingo Island which he alleged has been taken over by Ugandan soldiers.

“Migingo Island has been occupied by Ugandan soldiers and police for more than five years. Many Kenyans who eke out a living on Migingo Island have been killed, tortured, harassed and humiliated. Yet President Uhuru Kenyatta has never cut off diplomatic ties with president Kaguta Museveni,” read one of his tweets.

He further challenged the government deal with, corruption, poverty and high rate of unemployment in the country rather than engaging in wrangles with Somalia.

He accused the government of reading from the script of dictatorial regimes that have used war to cover up their failure.

“Despots have used war or imaginary threats from foreigners as diversionary tactics in order to buy time or avoid dealing with real and concrete issues such as election frauds, high unemployment, poverty, corruption, tribalism and human rights abuses,”

The exiled lawyer accused president Uhuru Kenyatta’s government of perpetrating injustices against her people reaffirming his resolve to return in the country in April, 2019.

Miguna was exiled in February 2018 after administering an oath to the then NASA leader Raila Odinga during Mock swearing-in ceremony at Uhuru park.

On Saturday, February 16, the Kenyan government recalled its ambassador to Somalia, Lucas Tumbo, and equally ordered Somalia ambassador to Kenya Mohamud Nur, to leave Nairobi with immediate effect.

This was after the government through the Ministry of Interior accused Somali of auctioning oil gas and blocks falling within the Kenyan maritime territory near its border on February 7, 2019 in a deal struck in London.

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