Nominated U.S ambassador to Somalia withdraws for 'Personal reasons'

Published: May 12, 2015

Nominated U.S ambassador to Somalia withdraws for 'Personal reasons'U.S. President Barack Obama has surprisingly withdrawn his nominee for the ambassadorial job to Somalia.
Katherine S. Dhanani, was appointed in February by the U.S President to serve as the first ambassador to the Horn of Africa nation for the first time in 25 years. A long-time diplomat with deep experience of African affairs, Ms Dhanani was waiting for the confirmation by the Senate for the role in Somalia
A U.S. official who spoke on a condition of anonymity told the AP news agency that the senior diplomat had withdrawn for personal reasons.
The move comes a week after the U.S Secretary of State John Kerry paid a landmark visit to Mogadishu, the first-ever U.S Secretary of State and also the first highest-ranking American official to visit Somalia since 1993. He revealed that the opening of a full mission in Somalia was under progress.
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