President Al-Bashir Affirms Sudan Support to Building of Strong Army in Somalia

Published: November 18, 2011

President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer al-Bashir, has called for support for Somalia to build a strong army that is capable to impose security, the sovereignty of the state and to expand stability in the country, stressing that the Somali army is capable to do so.
He referred to the situation of the African Union forces in Somalia.
In a press statement Thursday evening at the Guest House, following the talk held between the Sudanese and Somali sides in the framework of the visit of President Sheikh Sharif Ahmed, President Al-Bashir said that the talks were focused on establishment of a strong army in Somalia to impose sovereignty of the state and security.
He said that the consultations also tackled the situation of the African Union troops in Somalia and their performance, indicating that the Somali Army is the single body that is capable to deal with the security situation in Somalia.
President Al Bashir indicated that the talks included the security situation and the military and humanitarian aid in Somalia, saying that the security situation necessitates moving forward to the imposition of the control of security.
He said that the food and the humanitarian conditions needs further efforts to benefit the rain season for improving the situation of the Somali people and help them overcome the difficult conditions in Somalia which are being followed up by the whole world.
He said that the visit of President Sheikh Sharif to Sudan came within the framework of continuous consultations between the two countries and the concern of Sudan the Somalia issue since its beginning 21 years ago.
The Somali President would leave home on Friday by the end of his visit to Sudan.
Source: Sudan News Agency (SUNA)