President Said Deni Announces New Puntland Government Council 2024

Published: February 29, 2024
Said Abdullahi Deni

Garowe, Puntland: The President of the Puntland Government Said Abdullahi Deni announced the formation of a new 21-member Puntland Government Council last night.

The new cabinet includes a mix of returning ministers from the previous administration as well as new appointees. It has three female ministers, increasing the representation of women in the council.

Some of the key appointments include Mohamed Abdiwahab Ahmed as Minister of Justice and Religious Affairs, Ibrahima Artan Haji Bakin as Minister of Security, Abdi Farah Said (Juha) as Minister of Internal Affairs and Democracy, and Mohamed Farah Mohamud as Minister of Finance.

Other notable positions include Daoud Mohamed Omar as Minister of Planning and International Relations, Fuad Abshir Ader as Minister of Education and Higher Education, Said Jama Ali Qorsheel as Minister of Health, and Shakir Mohamed Guled as Minister of Ports and Maritime Transport.

The cabinet also sees Abdirahman Ahmed Abdulle tasked with the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, Liban Muse Boqor leading the Ministry of Mines and Water, Ubah Abdirishid Mohamed Hirsi heading the Ministry of Relief and Humanitarian Affairs, Mohamed Abdiqadir Salah (Donyale) leading the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation, and Hodon Saeed Hassan appointed as Minister of Youth and Sports.

President Deni expressed confidence that the new council comprising experienced leaders and professionals will help fulfill his administration’s development agenda for Puntland. He urged the ministers to serve the people with integrity.

The swearing-in ceremony for the new ministers will take place next week in Garowe. Their appointment is for a term of five years.