Puntland Electoral Commission Announces Official Political Parties

Published: July 31, 2023

The Transitional Puntland Electoral Commission (TPEC) has officially announced the Puntland political parties for the next five years. The TPEC issued a statement explaining that these parties have met the necessary conditions, and the Supreme Court confirmed the results of the election.

The political parties that will become official are:

  1. Kaah
  2. Mideeye
  3. Sincad
  4. Mustaqbal
  5. Ifiye
  6. Al-Akhla
  7. Runcad
  8. Horseed

The TPEC made the announcement after the Puntland Parliament made changes to the constitution of Puntland. The previous constitution stated that the state would have only three parties, but the new changes allow all of the organizations that participated in the election to become political parties.

Nine political organizations participated in the Puntland elections, and now there is only the Youth political organization that does not have any members in the local councils. The three districts of Garowe, Dangorayo, and Godobjiran did not participate in the local elections in May.

The changes made to the constitution of Puntland have caused some political unrest. The largest opposition organization Mideeye has strongly opposed the government’s actions, and other independent politicians who are armed have also come forward against the changes.

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