Somalia: Puntland Fisheries Minister calls an end to Illegal foreign Fishing

Published: February 17, 2014
Puntland Minister of Fisheries warns against illegal fishing
Puntland Minister for Fisheries Mr Abdinur Bindhe

Puntland Minister for Fisheries and marine resources Mr Abdinur Elmi Bindhe has issued a strong warning against companies and individuals involved in illegal fishing and exploitation of resources around the state’s coastline.

Somalia has the longest coastline in Africa with 3,330 KM. Since the central government was overthrown in 1991, foreign fishing trawlers began illegal fishing  and ships from big companies started dumping waste off the coast of the lawless country.

‘’ Our sea has been illegally exploited for decades by individuals and Countries, but we are warning them that we won’t accept this to continue. We will take action against them and anyone caught will face heavy penalties,’’ said the Minister in a handover ceremony that occurred in the Ministry’s headquarters in Bosaso.

He added that the ministry has offered and ready with licenses for all of those who are interested in conducting legal fishing in the State’s coastline.

Fishing holds a very important place in the economy of Puntland.

Local Fishermen have continuously complained about foreign trawlers who are doing the illegal fishing and dumping waste. Some fishermen have gone missing while others are tortured by the trawlers who at times spray boiling water from cannons.

Ayub Abdirahman
Horseed Media

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