SOMALIA: Puntland to launch new offensive against pirate bases

Published: September 15, 2010
The government of Puntland state of Somalia, have released a statement warning pirates not to bring hijacked vessels into their waters, the autonomous state called for a new offencive against pirate basis in the region, on Tuesday

Puntland’s Minister of Fisheries and Marine Ports, Eng.Said Mohamed Rage told Horseed Media that they will launch a new campaign against pirate bases in the region, adding that they intent to arrest every found pirate.
“…These criminal gangs have destroyed the Country, I am sending this last warning to all pirates, we will arrest every pirate and even kill them those who are involved in these heinous crimes against the international maritime and our country…” Mr.Rage said in a press conference, he also urged the coastal Communities to take part in the government offensive.
The Minister was asked whether the international Naval forces in Somali Waters will assist Puntland with this new anti-piracy operation, Mr.Rage said that it is possible, but he reiterated that the Puntland Forces will lead the operations.
The Minister requested the International Community to support them with their anti-piracy offensive and help them to get rid off the pirates in their region for good. About 250 suspected Somali Pirates are currently been held in Bosaso main prison, some of them are convicted to long sentences. 
More than 16 vessels are now still held in Somali waters. A record number of pirate attacks were registered in 2009 with more than 200 cases and ransoms paid estimated at some 50 million dollars (39 million euros).
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