Puntland Government’s Proposal on Solutions to the Challenges Surrounding State Building in Somalia

Published: June 17, 2023
Puntland coat

In a recent statement, the Puntland Government of Somalia acknowledged the positive progress made in the state-building process since the establishment of the Federal mechanism in Mbagathi, Kenya, in 2004. Puntland has invested significant efforts to contribute to the creation of a peaceful, united, and democratic Federal Government in Somalia. However, the government has expressed serious concerns regarding the lack of political will and delays in reaching negotiated settlements necessary for the completion of the provisional Federal Constitution.

Challenges and Concerns

Puntland faces the challenge of the Federal Government in Mogadishu consistently failing to implement previous political and legal agreements between Puntland and the Federal Government. The Federal Government has often circumvented its constitutional mandates, curbing the roles of the Federal Member States (FMS). Moreover, on May 27, 2023, the Federal Government issued a non-inclusive statement aimed at abolishing the constitutional government structure. This move poses a significant risk to both the Federal Government and the FMS, potentially leading to their collapse.

Critique of the National Consultative Council (NCC)

The Puntland Government believes that the National Consultative Council (NCC) is an ad hoc platform that lacks legal binding and is not designed to resolve the contentious national issues. The NCC has failed to present an inclusive agenda for state-building and has recently proposed initiatives that are both unconstitutional and non-inclusive. Due to these concerns, the Puntland Government has made the decision to engage in bilateral negotiations with the Federal Government of Somalia.

Proposal for Bilateral Negotiations

Recognizing the limitations and shortcomings of the NCC, the Puntland Government advocates for direct bilateral negotiations with the Federal Government. This approach aims to address the outstanding challenges and reach mutually agreed-upon political settlements that align with the constitutional mandates of both parties. By pursuing bilateral negotiations, the Puntland Government seeks to ensure the full implementation of previous agreements and create a more inclusive and collaborative state-building process.

The Puntland Government’s proposal on the solutions to the challenges surrounding state-building in Somalia highlights the concerns over the lack of political will and systematic delays in implementing negotiated settlements. The government’s decision to pursue bilateral negotiations with the Federal Government is a response to the failure of the NCC to effectively address these challenges. By prioritizing direct dialogue, Puntland aims to foster a more inclusive and effective state-building process that upholds constitutional mandates and promotes unity and stability in Somalia.