Puntland Parlaiment adopts new flag

Published: December 23, 2009

On Tuesday, the Puntland Parliament has recognized the flag to be the state’s symbols. With more than 33 votes in favour, the Puntland Parliament has showed that the state is ready to strengthen its political dimension as part of the Somali federation.
It is the first time the self declared state, adopts new state symbols, since it’s creation in 1998.

The Puntland constitution states that the regional administration should have it’s own flag and anthem, as part of the Federal republic of Somalia. The flag and anthem of the state was selected by a commission of state officials and Puntland intellectuals.

The minister of Constitution and federal affairs of Puntland, Dr.Jima’ale, who chaired the commission presented the selected flag and state anthem to the parliament. But the MPs rejected the proposed anthem, while approving the flag and the state emblem.

The new flag consists of the three colors; white, blue and green:
(Top): the blue flag with the white star symbolize the Somali flag; in which Puntland is part of (Centre): white color on the centre symbolizes the peace and stability of the region (Bottom): green color symbolizes the natural wealth of the Puntland State of Somalia.

Source: Horseed Media

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