Qatar Charity provides drinking water to Somalis

Published: February 16, 2018

DOHA: Qatar Charity has drilled and rehabilitated 316 artesian and surface wells last year to provide safe drinking water to as many as 350,000 people in Somalia, which made 2017 the most abundant year yet in the field of water and sanitation. Qatar Charity implemented these projects in needy and poor areas of Somalia to help those affected and underprivileged people cope with chronic and widespread drought and lessen the effects.
Qatar Charity pays a great attention towards providing safe drinkable water, as it is one of the main areas of its work, where it very actively works, especially in countries that have major problems in this vital aspect of life, such as Somalia where only a small percentage of the population has access to clean water, due to drought and drying up of springs, rivers and old wells, and fluctuation in rainfall seasons in general. Drilling of these wells and the efforts of health awareness about sanitation carried out and made by Qatar Charity in Somalia, coincided with its ongoing relief operations in Somalia, which included the distribution of dry foodstuffs and potable water through tanks transporting water to remote areas.
Qatar Charity signed a cooperation and partnership agreement with the Government of the Federal Republic of Somalia at the end of last year in the capital Mogadishu, to organise the cooperation in the humanitarian and development fields.
Qatar Charity is keen to integrate its humanitarian and development efforts to respond to the basic needs of the Somali people and to serve the priorities of the Somali Government in the transition from the humanitarian response to supporting the development and the stability efforts in Somalia.
According to the agreement, the interventions of Qatar Charity will help the Somali Government bring about the sustainable development and will focus on a range of priorities including the provision of drinking water and taking the advantage of technology in this field to provide this service to the largest possible number of beneficiaries. Qatar Charity and UNHCR have announced, through a partnership and cooperation agreement signed between them last October last year in Geneva, that they will work together on the reintegration of the Somali returnees, internally displaced persons and receiving communities through the construction and rehabilitation of the public infrastructure in the water sectors, in addition to education, shelter and sanitation, to benefit nearly 100,000 people.

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