Refugees fleeing Yemen conflict continue to arrive in Somalia

Published: May 1, 2015

Courtesy of photo @BBC
The arrival of the refugees in Berbera port. Courtesy of photo @BBC

More than 200 Somali refugees arrived on Friday in Northern Somalia from the conflict in Yemen, as the number of the refugees streaming into the Horn of African nation continues to increase.
A boat carrying the 220 refugees, mostly women and small children, arrived in the Northern port of Berbera and were received by the local authorities.
‘’ It took us two days to arrive here because the sea was rough and our ship almost sunk because of the winds…. The boat was overloaded with many people and luggages,’’ said one of the Somali citizens.
Since the beginning of last month, Somali refugees have been arriving in unprecedented numbers: more than 3000 citizens including other refugees from Yemen, Ethiopia and Kenya have managed to escape the violence and reached in Northern Somalia, according to local authorities.
Puntland and Somaliland have scaled up relief services at the main reception points (Bossaso and Berbera ports) for the fleeing refugees who continue to stream into Somalia.
Violence in Yemen escalated in recent months as several parallel conflicts have intensified and expanded, with the Houthi rebels backed by the Iranian government overthrowing the weak government.
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