Somali journalist shot dead

Published: May 5, 2010

The bullet-riddled and mutilated body of a Somali journalist was discovered in the capital Mogadishu Tuesday after he had been abducted by unknown gunmen, colleagues said.
It was unclear who had abducted and killed Radio Mogadishu journalist Nur Abkey, who was in his mid-fifties, they said.
“He came to work as usual this morning and left to see his family when gunmen took him, torturing him before they shot him dead,” the government-owned station’s political correspondent Abdiaziz Mohamed Guled told AFP.
“We are not sure who killed him yet, but the gunmen badly tortured him before they killed him and dumped his body in Wardhigley district this evening,” he said.
Somali government official Abdirasak Qeylow confirmed the killing but could not give details.
Most of the capital is under the control of Islamist insurgents, some linked to Al-Qaeda, who are fighting the Western-backed Somali government.
Somalia, a Horn of Africa nation blighted by relentless civil war since 1991, is one of the most dangerous countries for journalists.
Nine journalists were killed there last year by armed militias, who also often kidnap foreign reporters for ransom.
Source: AFP

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