Somali MPs fail to decide on Turkish airport contract

Published: May 12, 2014

favoriThe Somali parliament failed on Sunday to reach a decision on a contract signed by the Somali government and Turkish company Favori to manage Mogadishu’s Aden Adde International Airport due to the lack of a quorum, a parliamentary source said.

A parliamentary bloc has tabled a motion calling for the cancellation of the contract signed last year, citing lack of parliament’s approval.

However, only 90 out of 275 lawmakers showed up at the Sunday session, a number that was not enough for a one-third quorum necessary for a voting session, the source said.

Last year, Favori was awarded the contract to take over the Mogadishu airport’s management for 15 years. The Turkish company has already announced plans to implement development works worth $15 million.

However, some lawmakers criticized the deal and labeled it unconstitutional because it did not pass through the parliament for questioning and approval.

Source: World Bulletin

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