Somali Pirates bring Hijacked Ship to Bargal Coastal Town in Puntland

Published: March 26, 2010

EU NAVFOR can confirm that the MV Talca, previously reported hijacked on 23 March en route to Busheir in Iran, has now arrived off the Somali coastal location of Bargaal, not a known pirate holding area, approximately 400 km north of Eyl, a pirate stronghold.
MV Talca has a crew of twenty-three from Sri Lanka, one from the Philippines and one from Syria. MV TALCA has a dead weight of 11 055 tonnes. EU NAVFOR will continue to monitor the situation.
The Mayor of Bargal which is part of Bari region Ahmed Mohamed Yusuf who was speaking to Horseed Media said that they don’t have an ability to overtake those pirates who are holding the ship.
He added that they are asking the Puntland government to help the Bargal administration fight against the pirates whom he said that they are having strong bases around the Town.
This Ship will not the first ship captured by the Somali pirates brought to Bargal Sea,there were times the Somali Pirates brought there several ships.
Last Week the UN Monitoring Group on Somalia issue accused the Puntland Officials that they have a Contact with the Somali Pirates,but Puntland President Abdirahman Farole who hold a Press Conference in Bosaso Condemned that report and said that his government fights against the Somali pirates since it was voted a year ago.
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