Somali Pirates Release Ship holding for Six Months

Published: December 4, 2009

Somali Pirates have released A ship that they were holding captive for the last Six months on the Somali waters,EUNAVFOR Official said.
Commander John Harbour who is the Spokesperson of EUNAVFOR forces in Somalia water who are fighting against Somali Pirates confirmed the release of the Ship giving Horseed Media an Exclusive Interview from London.
”Pirates have released MV Charelle a flagged Antigua and Barbuda Ship,and it is now heading to one of the East African Ports”,He said.
Mr.Harbour said that he was unware whether the Somali Pirates received Ransom from the owners of the Ship,yet there is no information about the Release of the Ship.
Somali Pirates are now holding over 10-Ships on the shores of Somalia,and they have continued attacking and Hijacking Ships that are passing International Waters.
Ayub Abdirahman Mohamed
Horseed Media

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