Somali President reacts to rumours about his health status

Published: February 12, 2014

Somali PresidentSomali leader Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has ended days of speculation about his health status by speaking to the nation through the media.

In an interview with the federal government-run radio station, Radio Mogadishu, the president dismissed reports saying ‘he is in a critical condition’.

‘’ I came here (Turkey) to visit my family whom I never saw them for several years, I went through a normal medical check-up and there is nothing critical about my condition currently,’’

‘’The Somali people should know those ones fueling this kind of news are their enemies and working for terrorists such as al-Shabab,’’ said Mr Mohamud.

Rumors have been circulating about his health for the past few days with some websites suggesting he was seriously ill while others even published he had died.

Ayub Abdirahman
Horseed Media

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