Somalia: 11 pirates go on trial in Bosaso court, Puntland semi-autonomous

Published: April 24, 2010

On Saturday, the trail of 11 suspected Somali pirates started in the Bosaso district court. The Suspected pirates seven of them were last week brought to Bosaso Port the French Navy who captured them near Seychelles waters, and handled them over to Puntland authority.
The judge sentenced 5-year prison 5 suspected Somali pirates, while the other 6 accused pirates, sentenced to 1 year in jail for piracy in Somali waters.
The court also judged Umar Abdi Qasim,whom was accused for making explosive items, the judge said he will face a 10-year prison.
Puntland government said that it will fight against piracy, while they are about 240-suspected pirates in Bosaso main jail.
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