SOMALIA: 9 Somali pirates were sentenced 22 years of jail by Seychelles.

Published: December 17, 2010

File PhotoNine Somali pirates who were said to be found a guilty of the abduction of two cargo ships in March have been sentenced 22 years of jail by the Seychelles court on Friday.
The pirates have seized two boats while fishing, though later the vessels were freed forcibly by a Seychellois coastguard yacht of Topaz, according to Seychelles’s acting Attorney General David Esparon.
General David told the rescued ships are named Galate owned by Seychelles islands, and the other is an Iranian ship, Al-Ahmadi.
The EU Naval forces along side NATO Warships from foreign countries have been mandated by United Nation’s Security Council to protect from the ships and to stop Somali pirates.
By Mohamed Odowa
Horseed Media

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