Somalia: A Yemeni boat rescued by Puntland forces heads home

Published: January 7, 2010

A Yemeni boat hijacked by Somali Pirates heads home to Yemen on Thursday (January 07), after being rescued by Puntland forces near the coastal town of Bosaso.
Puntland officials met with rescued Yemeni crew in a small ceremony held at Bosaso main sea port.
One week ago, the boat named Mohamed II, was rescued by Puntland forces after it was hijacked by Somali pirates, east of the commercial town of Bosaso.
The boat which was transporting a commercial goods to Berbera port in neighboring Somaliland, was hijacked off the coast of Eelayo village, east of Bosaso.
On 31st of December, Puntland forces boarded the hijacked boat capturing nine of the pirates.
The deputy Police Chief of Puntland, Col.Mohamed Said Jaganaf, told the reporters that all of the pirates were well known gangs, he said some of the were even Police officers taking part of the piracy activities.
During today’s ceremony, the governor of Bari region, Haji Muse Gele Yusuf, announced that the boat will head back to Yemen, he also said there was historical and close ties between the people of Puntland and Yemen.
The captain of the boat, Al-Saacid told Horseed Media, that he was happy to be rescued and that together with his crew were now safely on their way back to home.
Hussein Farah
Horseed Media

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