Somalia: Al Shabaab ‘Bomb Specialist’ defects to the government

Published: March 7, 2015

somali newsA senior member of the Somali militant group al-Shabaab has defected to the government, officials have said.
The defector named, Abdullahi Ahmed Muhumed surrendered to the government troops in the Central region of Galgaduud and was presented to the media by security officials in the town Dhusamareeb.
According to Mahad Khalif, head of security of the region the defector was specialised in making roadside bombs, homemade bombs and suicide vests. He was trained in neighbouring Yemen, the official added.
The number of al-Shabaab members defecting to the government including senior officials have continued to increase while the group has lost major strategic controls it once controlled.
In 2013, American drones killed a top explosives expert of al-Shabaab called Ibrahim Ali in a missile strike.
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