Somalia: Al-Shabaab Condemns Kenya's Eastleigh crackdown

Published: April 15, 2014

Somalia: Al-Shabab Condemns Eastleigh crackdown
al-Shabab Spokesman Ali Dheere

Somali Islamist group al-Shabab has described Kenya security crackdown against the Somalis in Eastleigh suburb as a campaign against Islam in their country.
Spokesman, Ali Mohamud Rageh has also dismissed claims from the Kenyan security Officials linking Somali refugees residing in Eastleigh to al-Shabab.
He has also denied that Somali refugees in Kenya are involved in the terror attacks.
‘’Kenya has proved its hatred towards Muslim people in its country.’’
‘’ They have been targeting children, women and Old men… How can those vulnerable people be part of al-Shabab?’’ said the Spokesman.
Since the beginning of the security crackdown, more than 1000 Somalis have been detained and taken to temporary Police custody. Some of the people released have been forced to pay bribes in order to get back their freedom while others are still being held.
Last week it deported back to Mogadishu more than 80 people who didn’t have any legal documents.
Human rights group have accused the Kenyan government for using excessive power and abused rights of the refugees.
Insecurity has been growing in the East Africa nation since it sent troops to neighbouring Somaliain 2011  to fight against the al-Qaeda-linked group.
Deadly attacks, including the Westgate mall siege and assassinations have been carried out by al-Shabab across the country.
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