Somalia: al-Shabaab ‘repels attack by US forces’

Published: May 10, 2016

Somalia: al-Shabaab ‘repels attack by US forces’
Al Shabaab still controls parts of Southern and Central Somalia

Somali militant group al-Shabaab has said it repelled an attack by American Special Forces on a small town under their control in Southern Somalia, Horseed Media reports.
The group’s Pro-online media reported that about 10 American soldiers tried to launch an attack in the town of Toro-toro, which is some 100km South West of the capital Mogadishu overnight on Monday.
They claimed that the extremists fought back the troops, reporting no casualties in the exchange of fire.
US officials have not yet commented on the claims of the al-Qaeda-linked militant group.
Though al-Shabaab was pushed out of key towns in South and Central Somalia, the group still controls small towns where they launch spectacular attacks from.
Over the past few months, Washington has increased its airborne attacks on the group’s bases and also hunting its senior members. In April, a U.S. drone airstrike in Southwestern Somalia killed Hassan Ali Dhoore, who was the head of the group’s security and intelligence section.
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