Somalia: Al Shabaab Threatens To Attack Uganda, Burundi

Published: November 4, 2010

Terrorist group Al Shabaab will attack Kampala and Bujumbura in retaliation for what it described as repeated genocide by African Union peacekeepers forces on Somali society in Mogadishu, an Al Shabaab official said Thursday.
Sheikh Fu’ad Mohammed Khalaf, a high ranking Al Shabaab official, proclaimed that Uganda and Burundi will face new attacks from the group, claiming people in those countries will flee just as Somalis fled and were displaced.
“As our women in Mogadishu lost their sons, husbands and fathers also as AMISOM forces displace our people, we (Al Shabaab) are promising we’ll make them cry,” Khalaf was quoted as saying.
He was speaking to Mogadishu elders in a mosque in the Huriwa district northeast of Mogadishu and called all Mogadishans to participate in what he called the holy war going on Mogadishu.
“We are sending a message to invaders to leave our country soon,” he added.
Another Al Shabaab official, Sheikh Ali Mohammed Hussein, group chairman of the Banadir region, said elders must be seen at the war front and live up what they are saying.
Hussein’s statement comes a day after the Al Qaeda-inspired group called on Somali mothers to take part in what they described as a holy war against African Christians and the United Nations-backed government.
In July, an Al Qaeda-linked Somali militant group claimed responsibility for twin bombings in the Ugandan capital of Kampala that killed 74 people. The bombings were said to be the deadliest in Al Shabaab’s history.
The United States worries that Somalia could be a terrorist breeding ground, particularly since Osama bin Laden has declared his support for Islamic radicals there.
Source: AHN

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