Somalia: al-Shabaab Claims Djibouti Restaurant Attack

Published: May 27, 2014
Somalia: Al-Shabab Condemns Eastleigh crackdown
al-Shabab Spokesman Ali Dheere

Islamist militant group in Somalia have claimed the responsibility of a recent restaurant attack in the neighbouring Djibouti.

At least 20 people have been reported to have died in the suicide attack carried by two people who blew up themselves. The restaurant was dominated by European nationals.

Al-Shabaab Spokesman, Ali Mohamud Dhere, said in a Press Conference that the group targeted intelligence officials from NATO and some Western countries who were meeting at the restaurant.

He added that their main target was officials from the French government, accusing France troops of killing innocent Muslims in the Central African Republic.

Djibouti’s Ministry of Interior affairs said earlier that the al-Qaeda-linked militant group was a prime suspect for the attack.

Al Shabab has also targeted several high-profile sites in Kenya and Uganda, in retaliation for their contribution of troops to the AU force. Djibouti is one of also the countries that have contributed troops to the African Union mission in Somalia and has been an active participant in Somali Peace process.

Djibouti, a key US and France ally in the Horn of Africa, has become a base for Westerners who fly in and out as both countries have larger military bases. It has been regarded as a prime target for attack.

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